Reading & Spelling for Meaning


Tools for Dyslexia is dedicated to providing individually-paced instruction for children, youth, and adults who struggle with reading and spelling as well as composition writing. A dyslexia diagnosis is not needed. Discovering they can be successful with language is life-changing for students and adults. As tutoring students participate in developing these skills without pressure to keep up with other students, they blossom and their confidence soars.

Using intense, multi-sensory, individualized instruction, students will learn word attack skills for reading and spelling through morphology (structure) and phonology (sounds). While students apply spelling patterns and conventions, they not only learn how to spell specific words but they also learn how the entire language system works and the patterns within it, which strengthens their reading skills.

Making sense of the spelling of <heel> versus <heal>,  <does>, <said>, etc. will empower students with useful language tools they can use throughout their lives. Knowing the reason for a spelling like the <g> in <sign> creates a connection to the spelling the student will encounter again and again in reading and spelling situations. 

Gaining the tools for dyslexia will change their lives so they can reach their goals and become whatever they want to become. 

Generally, it will take 18 to 36 months of twice-a-week, one-on-one tutoring to bring a child's reading, spelling, and writing up to grade level.

reading tutoring and spelling tutoring is available! If you live outside the Omaha area, tutoring is still an option. Contact me to learn more about online tutoring:

Tools for Dyslexia serves the Omaha, Elkhorn, Gretna, Papillion and surrounding communities in Nebraska.

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