‚ÄčLaure Schaerr, Certified Barton Tutor

My tutoring practice is dedicated to systematic, individually-paced therapy for children, youth, and adults who struggle with reading, spelling, writing/composing, and memorizing math facts. A dyslexia diagnosis is not needed.  My tutoring students receive the instruction needed without pressure to keep up with or delays to wait for other students. Using Orton-Gillingham based methods and other multi-sensory techniques, students gain the skills needed to succeed.

This type of tutoring is preferable to small group tutoring or classroom instruction because it grants students privacy, dignity, and needed intensity to improve their skills away from peers and without distractions, which are part of group or classroom learning.

Though they have to  work harder than average learners, they can acquire the tools to read with accuracy and understanding, to spell accurately, and to write effectively. Gaining the tools for dyslexia will change their lives so they can reach their goals and become whatever they want to become. (To see a list of famous dyslexic professionals, see www.dys-add.com)

Generally, it will take 18 to 36 months of twice-a-week, one-on-one tutoring to bring a child's reading, spelling, and writing up to grade level. Remediation in math fact mastery generally requires 12 to 18 months of twice-a-week tutoring.

Online tutoring is available! If you aren't in my area, tutoring is still an option. Contact me to learn more about online tutoring: tools4dyslexia@gmail.com

My tutoring practice serves the Marion, Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, and other Linn County communities in Iowa.